You may have seen MRK’s amazing videos, but did you know that you can buy prints of his digital creations? 

Just look at how cool this is

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Muscles and nerves of the face. Forehead here is a little off proportion, but I like the way the parotid gland came out.

Happy valentines!

Honey fingers with my honey! :)

Suture practice!

Jejunum and arterial arcades

dedajos said: hi, i love your work ! & i wanted to know what do you go to school for or if you are no longer in school where did you go, what did you major in ? do you have a good stable job ? i'm sorry for all the questions is that i'm actually looking into becoming a medical illustrator

Hey! No worries about the questions, I love talking about what I do. I am currently a student at Georgia Health Sciences University (we just changed our name to Georgia Regents University). They have a masters program in medical illustration that is top notch and super affordable. The professors here are all incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, so if you have any questions, you should totally contact them. They love having visitors here. I went to university of Georgia for my undergraduate and majored in scientific illustration. It’s an amazing program geared towards this masters program, and it was definitely an amazing experience. There are medical illustration programs at Johns Hopkins and university of Illinois at Chicago. There used to be a program at university of Texas, Dallas, but they shut that program down a while ago. :-/. Hope this answers some questions. Feel free to ask more if you’d like, and best of luck to you!